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Church Prayer List

 In Our Thoughts and Prayers
Sick and Shut-In at Mizpah Church

Ernest and Lucy Bassett

Connie Cox

Dorothy Walker

Eddie "Donnie" Britt

James and Margrine Haywood

Angela Randolph

Priscilla Thomas

James Smith

Henry Turner

Virgil and Sheila Retic

Sister Burnside

Winfield Woodard


Families Who Are In Bereavement 2016
Edna Thomas Family

Richard E. Gilliam Family

Families Who Are In Bereavement 2015

Ida Whitfield Family

Jacqueline Williams Johnson Family - Alabama

Eunice Gary Family

Inez Slack Family

Bonita Herron Family

Victor Herron Family

Mary Atkins Family

Ora Dennie Woodard Family

David Scott Family

Families Who Are In Bereavement 2014

Christine Kennedy Family

Mary M. Smith Family

Beatrice Marks Family

Calvin Dennie, Sr. Family

Families Who Are In Bereavement 2013
Rodriquez "Pasty" Redden Jamison's Family
William Jamison's Family
Kenneth V. Pleasant's Family
Scott W. Walker's Family
Donna Rice Woods

Members Who Are In Bereavement 2012
Earline Young
Denson Chatfield, Sr.
Sargeant First Class Saadia Zambrano - Sister Barbara Stroder's Daughter

Alexicia Biggs - Biggs Family
Sister Sandra Turner's Family in Loss of Her Brother
William Leonard Kennedy - Kennedy Family

Elder Dennis R. McKinney  - McKinney Family
Members Who Are In Bereavement 2011
Hawthorne Kennedy - Kennedy Family
Sister Elasie Coleman's Family
Sister Dorothy Webb's Family
The Tarver Family - Lost of Son

Sister Nellie Rucker's Family
Brother Paul Duncan's Family - Bethel, East Chicago, IL
The Lane Family in the Loss of their Sister Ruthie Lane of California
Sister Hazel Radcliffe's Family

Updated: Aug 13, 2016